Priest Search

Following the retirement of our previous priest, Father Jay Geisler, St. Peter's has been looking to discern our next priest.  We are looking for a part-time priest in charge.

The congregation of St. Peter’s represents many different ideas, abilities, and stages of life. It is important to many at St. Peter’s that we respect each other regardless of our differences in background, belief, and lifestyle. Our congregation includes “cradle Episcopalians” (some who were brought up in St. Peter’s and have brought their own children up here!) as well as those who have come from many other denominations, and those who have not been regular church goers. We seek to support all regardless of where they are in their journey with faith and love of Jesus.

We seek a priest who will continue to educate us with scripture-based messages and further our knowledge of the Bible.  We also hope to see our priest’s passion and love of Jesus in their preaching as well as their actions, as they lead through their example and not words alone.  Ideally, our priest will inspire the congregation to be more active in our ministries and build on the many strengths and talents that lie within our membership. While we seek a priest to help us be a nurturing force in the community, we are also in need of one who will help us look inward and nurture each other, such as by providing and leading pastoral care and being a participant in fellowship. Though a priest cannot be the one to “do it all”, one who can support and empower their flock to work together can assist us in becoming a stronger force for Jesus’ love in our world. These desires are reflected in our parish survey.

Further information about St. Peter's can be found in our 2023 Parish Profile and Survey (linked below). Anyone interested in learning more about the position or applying should send their cover letter, OTM profile, and resume to and copy Rev. Canon Kim Karashin, Canon to the Ordinary, Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, at

St Peters profile 2023.pdf